Alignment of HR Practices to Human Instincts

How aligned are your human resources practices to human nature?

Our Instincts Inventory of People Practices is a survey that allows teams to self-assess the extent to which your people practices are aligned to the 9 human instincts.

Diagnostic for planning
The survey would typically be run as input into your planning session of the HR/OD team (or of the executive team in small-medium organisations). For example, prior to the HR team’s annual retreat the survey could be run with relevant members of the HR/OD team completing the on-line questionnaire. The results provide insight to assist with your decisions about priorities.

The results of the diagnostic allows teams to discuss and decide:

  1. What are our people practices that are well aligned to human instincts – that are operating well and in our forward planning we don’t need to spend extra time and resources on?
  2. What are our people practices that are poorly aligned to human instincts – which we need to give priority to in our planning?
  3. What actions should we take on these priority items that will make the biggest difference?

Your people practices that are well aligned to human nature will have a natural energy about them and will feel right to managers and HR practitioners in your organisation. These are the ones that just seem to operate smoothly with high compliance by managers and little policing by HR. They enable the organisation.

On the other hand, the practices that are poorly aligned to human nature will be those that seem to be a struggle to the users of HR practices, managers will tend to resist them and the HR team finds they need to be a police force to enforce.

The questionnaire is structured around the 9 instincts and assesses practices such as:

  • organisation design
  • hiring
  • induction
  • performance systems
  • leadership appointments and development
  • career development
  • change management
  • pay and recognition
    and many more that make up the spectrum of an organisation’s people practices.

On-line by invitation
The survey is designed to be completed by members of the HR/OD as a self-assessment. It is not designed to be completed by “users” of HR’s services. In small-medium organisations it might be completed by members of the executive team. People invited to complete the survey are nominated by the sponsor (usually the head of HR/OD).

Alignment Overview

A traffic light report giving the overview alignment of your people practices to human instincts – maintain the greens and look to fix the reds.

Individual answers are anonymous.

The resulting report has a number of elements. The report provides an overview “traffic light” summary (an example is shown in the Figure). This allows you to see at a glance those instincts where your people practices are well aligned (green), those that are moderately aligned (amber) and those that are poorly aligned (red).

The report then goes into levels of detail including the answers to each question in the diagnostic.

The diagnostic generates insightful discussion for a team at answer, “Of all the things we could possibly do, where should we spend our time, money and energy?”

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