Leadership Aids

There are a number of resources to supplement the books, Hardwired Humans and The Boss

Hardwired Humans

This series of Leadership Instincts Aids assists managers in applying the nine human instincts.

The aim is to provide practical tips on common leadership situations.The instincts are explained in the book, Hardwired Humans—Successful Leadership Using Human Instincts. The book explains the science of each instinct and the implications of the instinct for leaders.

This series of Aids will be added to from time-to-time. Here are the first three that cover situations that leaders commonly face.

Click here for the aid on hiring a new team member

Click here for the aid on when a new person joins your department

Click here for the aid on organisational design

The Boss

Facilitator’s Guide

At the back of The Boss there is a section of leadership and workplace questions. The questions are provided so that readers can take key learnings from the book to help with their own leadership.

This facilitator’s guide assists in holding discussions groups for leaders to discuss the questions. This guide is written for educators and internal HR professionals.

The questions cover the main leadership characters in the book, and some of the universal “management events” that create a manager’s authority to lead. A leader’s authority depends on managing well a number of mandatory events – hiring people and bringing them onboard, appraisals, pay reviews, career reviews and reviews with senior leaders. Leaders can either do these events well and increase their leadership authority or do them poorly and reduce your leadership authority.

This guide provides the suggested answers to the “workplace guide” questions at the back of the book.

Click here for Facilitator’s Guide in International standard A4 layout

Click here for Faciliatator’s Guide in American standard layout

Staff Guide: A guide for looking for a good boss.